Free Money in Your Mailbox? – Arby’s Coupons…

If you like eating, this is for you. If you like saving money, this is for you. If you like eating out, this is for you. If you like Arby’s, this is definitely for you! I am not sponsored…I am never sponsored. But what that means is that if I mention something it is becauseContinue reading “Free Money in Your Mailbox? – Arby’s Coupons…”

We TRANSFORMED this Little Tikes Table with SPRAY PAINT

We started with a Little Tikes table, some Rustoleum spray paint, and a DREAM! We had some family friends give us a Little Tikes table. These are normally $75 new, and a used one can be anywhere between $10-$20, so free is a great deal. We then began the process of using Rustoleum Spray PaintContinue reading “We TRANSFORMED this Little Tikes Table with SPRAY PAINT”

Saving Money by Cutting my Own Grass?

As the summer comes to a close, I am reminiscing on cutting grass…because I am bored? Anyways, I have cut my own grass since I was a wee tot cutting my parent’s grass with a push mower (it wasn’t even a self-propelled mower, and conveniently after I moved out they bought a riding lawnmower…interesting). IContinue reading “Saving Money by Cutting my Own Grass?”

Why Bother? – Thought

I have been struggling recently (as many of you can probably tell by the diminishing blog posts) with the concept of “is the juice worth the squeeze?” If I am not seeing the results, is the struggle even worth it? I thought that this would also serve as a good springboard when thinking about “DIY”Continue reading “Why Bother? – Thought”

Drinking Coffee At Home – Thought

So, I have just returned from a vacation, and one of the reoccurring themes was coffee… Alot of coffee… In all seriousness, buying coffee from a Dunkin’ Donuts or a Starbucks is pretty expensive. When I am at home I always drink my coffee from my trusty ole’ Keurig. But my trip got me thinking….howContinue reading “Drinking Coffee At Home – Thought”

Dropshipping – Thought

What is this “dropshipping”, and how does it work? Can it make you money? Well, devoted reader, the answer is below. Dropshipping is a way of selling products where a “store” does not have to keep the items in stock. Essentially “dropshippers” partner with product manufacturers to only make a product when it is ordered,Continue reading “Dropshipping – Thought”

Retail Arbitrage…How Does It Work? – Thought

Back in my day (way back in 2012) the rapper Macklemore taught us all about “popping tags” in his hit song “Thrift Shop”. Retail Arbitrage is a form of that same bargain shopping that Macklemore was talking about, and it is almost as much fun to say as “popping tags”. All jokes aside devoted reader,Continue reading “Retail Arbitrage…How Does It Work? – Thought”