REFINISHING a Dining Room TABLE AND CHAIRS (saving over $800) – DIY Project

Right out of the gate, I can’t take credit for this project…this was done by Mrs. Road to One Million. Long story short, my wife wanted a new dining room table, and she began the arduous quest of shopping around to find a table that she liked. Full disclosure, devoted readers; I have built tablesContinue reading “REFINISHING a Dining Room TABLE AND CHAIRS (saving over $800) – DIY Project”

Review – CDs and Saving Accounts

Money, Money, Money, Money….MONEY!!! In this post I want to provide a “review” of savings accounts and CD’s (certificates of deposit). It’s not that these financial tools need a review; it’s that this post has served as a good refresher for myself. I believe most people are familiar with savings accounts and certificates of deposit,Continue reading “Review – CDs and Saving Accounts”


These is not the keys to my heart…just the keys to my posts. If you see the following keywords at the start of my blog posts, it will let you determine what each post is at a glance: Thought – General principle I am/have been thinking about DIY Project – Something I have done at/aroundContinue reading “General – KEY to my POSTING SCHEDULE and POSTS”

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