We TRANSFORMED this Little Tikes Table with SPRAY PAINT

We started with a Little Tikes table, some Rustoleum spray paint, and a DREAM! We had some family friends give us a Little Tikes table. These are normally $75 new, and a used one can be anywhere between $10-$20, so free is a great deal. We then began the process of using Rustoleum Spray PaintContinue reading “We TRANSFORMED this Little Tikes Table with SPRAY PAINT”

Saving Money by Cutting my Own Grass?

As the summer comes to a close, I am reminiscing on cutting grass…because I am bored? Anyways, I have cut my own grass since I was a wee tot cutting my parent’s grass with a push mower (it wasn’t even a self-propelled mower, and conveniently after I moved out they bought a riding lawnmower…interesting). IContinue reading “Saving Money by Cutting my Own Grass?”

3 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Building Custom Furniture – Thought

Recently I built a desk for my basement, and while I was working on it I realized that other people (like my devoted readers) might be attempting to build custom furniture and get in over their head (like I did at times…). For the sake of this post, I will define what I am callingContinue reading “3 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Building Custom Furniture – Thought”

What is the BEST SPRAYPAINT for DIY WOOD Projects? – Review

Two spray paints enter….one spray paint leaves… Whenever a project needs “sprucing up”, my wife uses spraypaint to update the “look” cheaply and efficiently. Recently, she decided to test two different brands to see which performed better. Those brands are Krylon and Rust-Oleum. Please note, devoted reader, that these tests were not conducted in ourContinue reading “What is the BEST SPRAYPAINT for DIY WOOD Projects? – Review”

REFINISHING a Dining Room TABLE AND CHAIRS (saving over $800) – DIY Project

Right out of the gate, I can’t take credit for this project…this was done by Mrs. Road to One Million. Long story short, my wife wanted a new dining room table, and she began the arduous quest of shopping around to find a table that she liked. Full disclosure, devoted readers; I have built tablesContinue reading “REFINISHING a Dining Room TABLE AND CHAIRS (saving over $800) – DIY Project”

YouTube Channel! – General

Two posts in one day… So, today I officially started my YouTube channel, found here: I have imbedded the first video that I created for the channel as well. I have a long, long way to go, but you can at least see my face now. Devoted reader, you have probably already heard most ofContinue reading “YouTube Channel! – General”

Thought – “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?”

A former VP in my work organization had an expression that really stuck with me. She used to ask the question “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” when talking about potentially pursuing different initiatives. The meaning behind the expression is simply “Is the goal you are trying to reach worth the price you have toContinue reading “Thought – “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?””