Thought – To RISK, or not to RISK

That is the question…and I think that picture is Shakespeare… When dealing in matters of life, and money, the concept of risk vs. reward will inevitably come up. At its’ core, risk vs. reward boils down to this: “The more you are willing to risk, the potential reward increases, but the potential loss increases asContinue reading “Thought – To RISK, or not to RISK”


These is not the keys to my heart…just the keys to my posts. If you see the following keywords at the start of my blog posts, it will let you determine what each post is at a glance: Thought – General principle I am/have been thinking about DIY Project – Something I have done at/aroundContinue reading “General – KEY to my POSTING SCHEDULE and POSTS”

The Game Plan

Like all things in life, in order to succeed you need a plan. I am putting my plan here in order to document it for myself to hold myself accountable, but also for my devoted readers to know what I am trying so you can, at the very least, gain comedic value from my suffering.Continue reading “The Game Plan”

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