DIY Project – Barn Doors (which saved me over $500)

Boring title…I wanted to make it more exiciting, but I am an engineer and I am not allowed to be too exciting. Yes, those are not my handmade barn doors in the picture above…but I have included the barn doors that I made in the pictures below: So yes, the secret is revealed…you can tellContinue reading “DIY Project – Barn Doors (which saved me over $500)”

The Game Plan

Like all things in life, in order to succeed you need a plan. I am putting my plan here in order to document it for myself to hold myself accountable, but also for my devoted readers to know what I am trying so you can, at the very least, gain comedic value from my suffering.Continue reading “The Game Plan”


Yes, I watched Hamilton on Disney +. I would not call myself a “big risk taker.” I would also not consider myself an expert in the wizardy of spelling and grammar either…and that will become very evident in future postings. I tend to play things safe. I have a “traditional” college degree, and I haveContinue reading “I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT”

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