3 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Building Custom Furniture – Thought

Recently I built a desk for my basement, and while I was working on it I realized that other people (like my devoted readers) might be attempting to build custom furniture and get in over their head (like I did at times…). For the sake of this post, I will define what I am callingContinue reading “3 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Building Custom Furniture – Thought”

Supply, Demand, and Collectables – Thought

Why do some “collectables” (stamps, coins, etc.) drastically rise in value while other drop in value? What should you look for, devoted reader, if you are wanting to invest in collectables to make some additional income over the long run? I do not have a “hot horse” for this topic; just some observations that IContinue reading “Supply, Demand, and Collectables – Thought”

Retail Arbitrage…How Does It Work? – Thought

Back in my day (way back in 2012) the rapper Macklemore taught us all about “popping tags” in his hit song “Thrift Shop”. Retail Arbitrage is a form of that same bargain shopping that Macklemore was talking about, and it is almost as much fun to say as “popping tags”. All jokes aside devoted reader,Continue reading “Retail Arbitrage…How Does It Work? – Thought”


You’re wondering who I am…Yeah, the “Mechanical Turk” is not a robot like that… In one of my past posts, I mentioned the saying “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?“, and that expression will be very valid with evaluating this program. I looked very seriously at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program in the past, and IContinue reading “DOMO ARIGATO MR…MECHANICAL TURK? – THOUGHTS”

What is the BEST SPRAYPAINT for DIY WOOD Projects? – Review

Two spray paints enter….one spray paint leaves… Whenever a project needs “sprucing up”, my wife uses spraypaint to update the “look” cheaply and efficiently. Recently, she decided to test two different brands to see which performed better. Those brands are Krylon and Rust-Oleum. Please note, devoted reader, that these tests were not conducted in ourContinue reading “What is the BEST SPRAYPAINT for DIY WOOD Projects? – Review”

VIDEO – Refinishing the Table and Chairs

As you know, devoted reader, I have recently started a YouTube channel to help promote my content (and to help scratch that creative itch). Here is a link to the video I made about the recent “Table and Chairs” blog post. If you have read the blog post, then you already know almost all theContinue reading “VIDEO – Refinishing the Table and Chairs”

Building the Barn Doors – YouTube Video

I posted earlier this week that I had started a Youtube channel, and that I would be posting videos 3 times a week, using this blog to help me center my thoughts around what I want to cover in the videos. All that to say, I have put a link to the video that IContinue reading “Building the Barn Doors – YouTube Video”

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Debt) – Thought

From one of great classic westerns… Take a quick Google of “debt”, devoted readers, and you will find a plethora of opinions about it. Some say that under the right circumstances debt is good. Some say that debt is always bad. And some say that it is ugly…necessary but not a good thing. Good debtContinue reading “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Debt) – Thought”

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! Amazon Affiliate Program – General

I wanted to write a post explaining how this works, because when you Google “passive income” you are going to find “affiliate programs” at the top of the list. You can click here to read my thoughts on affiliate programs in general. I’ve disclosed in past posts that I have applied for Amazon Affiliate status.Continue reading “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! Amazon Affiliate Program – General”

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