What is the BEST SPRAYPAINT for DIY WOOD Projects? – Review

Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani on Pexels.com

Two spray paints enter….one spray paint leaves…

Whenever a project needs “sprucing up”, my wife uses spraypaint to update the “look” cheaply and efficiently. Recently, she decided to test two different brands to see which performed better. Those brands are Krylon and Rust-Oleum.

Please note, devoted reader, that these tests were not conducted in our garage and not in a laboratory; we are imperfect.


This can has battle damage.

Weighting in at 12 oz, the “Krylon Ohioian” boasts that it has an “easy push, spray any way” lid and that it has paint and primer built in. It costs right around $4.00.


This can has battle damage too…

Weighing in at 12 oz, “Rust-Oleum” (I mean, that would be a pretty good fight name by itself) claims to be “2x Ultra Cover Paint and Primer”. It’s a very humble product. It also costs right around $4.00.

*NOTE: Devoted viewer, as a true, unbiased judge should be, I am not sponsored by either of these products. I will put an Amazon Affiliate powered link to the winner below, since that is the one we use, and will be using going forward.

Round 1: Krylon v. Coffee Station

My garage is a mess…this is the “before” photo
This is the “after” photo
  • This coffee station is approximately 15 square feet of paintable area (I try to be conservative with my estimates to give the benefit of the doubt).
  • Original surface was stained a light brown color (I do not remember the name of the shade).
  • Took two coats of spraypaint for good coverage (so needed 30 square feet of paint).
  • Ended up taking 1.5 cans of Krylon paint.

Round 2: Rust-Oleum v. Dresser

Yes, my garage is still a mess…but this is the “before” picture
This is the “after” photo
  • This dresser is approximately 35 square feet of paintable area (once again, I wanted to make conservative estimates for the coverage area).
  • This dresser was painted white originally (which can be a hard color to cover up).
  • Took two coats of spraypaint for good coverage (so needed 70 square feet of paint).
  • Ended up taking 2 cans of Rust-Oleum paint.

Final Verdict: The spray paints went a full 10 rounds (i.e. they both worked, and there were no catastrophic failures)…so it comes down to the judge’s decision. The Judge’s Decision is in favor of Rust-Oleum.

My wife felt that she should have gotten more coverage out of each can of Krylon than she did. The fact that it took almost to the same amount of paint to cover a signifigant difference in surface area seems to indicate that Rust-Oleum is the better value.

Here is the link to the Rustoleum paint on Amazon if you would like to give it a try yourself:

Rust-oleum Spray Paint: https://amzn.to/2Czi8OF

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